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Unfortunately, retirement planning is a lot different than it used to be.

I’m sorry, but the retirement plans our parents and grandparents used are just old and out of date.  

You, like the majority of people out there, are worried about having enough money in retirement.

The question isn’t about retiring early… It’s about IF YOU CAN RETIRE AT ALL.

Pension plans are disappearing faster than the dinosaurs… Social Security is a JOKE – it’s about to run out of money… and If you’re not focused on saving for your own retirement you might be in serious trouble.

I’m not going to sugar coat it…

Bills have to be paid.  Everyday prices are going up.  If your investments aren’t keeping pace, you’ll be relying on your kids, your church, or the kindness of strangers in your old age.

Worse still, you may enter retirement still owing money on your house, needing to help your elderly parents, or possibly still supporting your children.  

I don’t say this to scare you… but the share the truth.

I do believe almost EVERYONE can retire – and have JOY in retirement if you use the right strategies.  

I’m here to say… YOU CAN RETIRE!

Look, I investigated countless investment opportunities, including those involving cryptocurrencies, real estate, stocks, bonds, REITS, BDCs, and preferred stocks.

However, something kept dragging me back. DIVIDEND STOCKS.

Stocks providing dividends are ideal for retirement. They provide a reliable source of income and the chance to grow.  If you buy the right dividend stocks you’ll get a nice level of security.

And, while nothing can be guaranteed, I can say with a ton of confidence, you’ll do better in a good mixed portfolio of dividends, than you will in a bunch of bonds.

That’s why I launched the Dividend Tree Newsletter.

The Dividend Tree is a newsletter that has one goal in mind: earning money through dividends. We conduct extensive research to identify the ideal dividend stocks, then share our findings with our readers just like you.

Better still, the newsletter isn’t just about buying or selling a particular stock.

We cover everything you need to find Joy in retirement.  

If you want to avoid being a burden on others in retirement… and you want to get the inside look at a select set of great dividend stocks, take a close look at my dividend Tree Newsletter

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